DECOUPAGE ADHESIVE – Transperent 400ml.

Art.Nr.: D011

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One-component, water-based adhesive for decoupage purposes. Becomes transparent after drying.
Free from silicone, solvents and odor.

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– One-component, water-based polymer adhesive for decoupage purposes – Becomes transparent after drying.
– Free of silicone, solvents and odor.

USE: Apply with a brush or spatula. The polymerization takes place after evaporation of the water contained. Applying it to non-absorbent surfaces can delay the curing time. Clean with water and a damp sponge before drying.

LIMITATIONS: To be used at temperatures above 5 ° C. Keep away from water and moisture until dry.

TO DYE: can be mixed with matte acrylic to make different colors of glue.
STORAGE: in tightly closed containers above 0 ° C. Protect from the cold
SAFETY: The product is water-based and environmentally friendly. It does not release any harmful substances during handling or operation. The tools are cleaned with water.

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